Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting

Based in Estonia, our multidisciplinary team and network of engineers and researchers specialise in the implementation of Internet voting in Government elections.

Our work

For the last ten years our multidisciplinary team has been behind the implementation and deployment of the Estonian Internet voting platform. It has been one of the most exciting experiments in recent democratic history globally. We are very honored to have been entrusted with this project.

The results have been impressive. Every Estonian citizen has been eligible to vote online for Municipal, Parliamentary and European Union elections over the past ten years. Hundreds of thousands of voters have trusted the system and used it successfully. In the latest general elections (2014 European Parliamentary elections), one in every three Estonian voters voted online.

We have advised a number of governments around the world about proper implementation of Internet voting in their own electoral process, and look forward to continuing to share our experience with the governments of additional countries in the future.

Our team specialises in the design and development of Internet voting systems to be deployed in government elections. Our work is unique in that we approach Internet voting from a multidisciplinary viewpoint, considering aspects of legal framework and policy, system design and development, security and cryptography, usability and accessibility.