Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting

Based in Estonia, our multidisciplinary team and network of engineers and researchers specialise in the implementation of Internet voting in Government elections.

Why Internet voting

Internet voting will happen. Have no doubt about this. It is just a matter of time for governments to start experimenting and implementing it on a larger scale. So far, Estonia has been the only country in the world to have taken this challenge seriously, and the results over the past 10 years have been amazing. There have also been some good early experimental results in countries like Norway, Switzerland and France. Dozens of other governments around the world today are studying the best way to add this important tool to their electoral processes, and they will get it done sooner or later.

As much as we are convinced that Internet voting will happen, we also know it is not the "cure-all" remedy for electoral processes, and will not address all problems in global elections.

Internet voting will leverage a very important medium as part of a larger and very complex voting and electoral process. Internet voting will soon start to have a significant and lasting impact because, when properly implemented, it can make voting easier, more secure, more auditable and more accessible than the traditional ways of voting of paper and pencil.

In particular, Internet voting can improve on or completely solve many of the weaknesses intrinsic to any voting system that uses the public postal system (i.e., postal or absentee voting). It is also a very good medium to engage overseas voters and other voters who face difficulties to go to a polling location to vote, such as voters with reduced mobility.