Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting

Based in Estonia, our multidisciplinary team and network of engineers and researchers specialise in the implementation of Internet voting in Government elections.

About us

Estonia has been at the global leading edge of the implementation of Internet voting. For over ten years, the government and people of Estonia have used Internet voting in their elections, with extraordinary results. Trust in the electoral process is greater than ever, and almost a third of voters have voted online in the latest European Union parliamentary elections.

Behind the Estonian government's progressive innovation in elections there has always been a team of experts. This team has now founded the Centre of Excellence in Internet Voting, to share Estonia's experience with governments globally.

Our approach to Internet voting and elections is multidisciplinary. Our team and network include professionals and academics in widely ranging disciplines: from law and public policy to mobile applications, from human-computer interfaces to cyber security, from political science to accessibility. This unique multidisciplinary approach to Internet voting is what has made the difference.

Our mission is to bring Internet voting forward to help governments make the voting process easier, more accessible, more secure and more auditable. We acknowledge there are many challenges to any mission-critical systems, and in the case of Internet voting these challenges may vary significantly across jurisdictions. We are prepared and eager to propose technology-enabled solutions that will address local requirements in optimal ways.